Pavlos Samios was born in Athens in 1948. At an early age, he started painting and drawing by helping his father with his shoe workshop.

He became fond of religious painting that attracted his interest since his childhood and worked in Dionysios Karoussos icon painting workshop until the age of eighteen. At the same time, he attended classes on drawing in Panos Sarafianos workshop whereupon he was accepted at the Athens.

Since 2000 he is a Professor as the Athens School of Fine Arts (Workshop for traditional painting fresco – Byzantine icons – manuscripts). He has painted many small churches using the fresco technique.
Pavlos Samios’ depictions, springing up from childhood and then personal experiences, remind us of traditional story-tellers where the Man-“Hero” plays various roles in his work just like actors do, roles that are at times amatory or exist in some kind of daydream.