“YASOU’s mission is to embrace the beauty traditions, natural ingredients and rich culture of Greece with American technology, bringing you this luxurious natural skincare line that makes you look and feel good.”

The YASOU skin care line is inspired from the heart, heritage and passion of creator Theodora Ntovas. Theodora grew up in Chicago and often travelled and lived in Greece as a child, where she spent time visiting her family and soaking up the rich Greek culture and local traditions.

As an adult, Theodora felt a calling to return to the Greek village that she remembered so fondly from her childhood. That particular trip soon became a soul searching and enlightening experience for her and changed the way she looked at the world and specifically beauty products.

While shopping a local farmer’s market, Theodora discovered the purist, most unique, organic skin care products and was intrigued by the beautiful women who swore by them. These glorious products were made from olive oil, natural essential oils extracted from local flowers and indigenous plants, plus organic beeswax.

Using what she learned from that small farmers market in Archia Feneos in the Peloponnese region near Corinth, Theodora educated herself in cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy and natural skin care solutions. Her research led her to partner with chemist/formulator Nestor Tomasi. Inspired by Greek beauty philosophy, together they developed the unique Calityl O Complex, that became the foundation of a truly luxurious natural skin care line. And so, “YASOU” was born!

This exclusive and completely natural, luxurious skin care line nourishes the skin and is formulated with the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients sourced from the best growers, producers, and suppliers in the U.S.

YASOU consists of face cream, a cellular firming and rejuvenating day cream that compliments YASOU’s anti-aging night cream with hyadisine and the ultra hydrating body Ccream with essential oils and vitamin E. The ultra hydrating body cream is designed to nourish skin, help calm and relax your mind, and even help you fall asleep! It is ideal for those special and precious “me time” moments when you want to pamper and reward your body-it’s having a spa experience but at home.


Natural skin care is a part of holistic healthy living. YASOU combines the essence of natural ingredients and certified organics in a way that offers multiple health and beauty benefits. YASOU creates a new level of luxury in skin care. Our wish for all is to look good and feel good. Like our name, the YASOU luxe skin care line offers you a warm welcome: To your Health! Our commitment to you and our environment.