"Incosal  S.A. is pleased to introduce its innovative and specialised line of cosmetic products, the Benelica Series, which is based on active collagen derived from snail secretion.

The main active ingredient of the cosmetics is snail secretion.  Due to the innovative method used, we are able to retain 95% of the active ingredients contained in the snail secretion.  These ingredients are: Vitamins A and E, allatoin, glycolic acid and collagen.
Our cosmetics are distinguished for their effectiveness which is brought about through the combination of the unique snail secretion with new generation molecules such as Phosphorylated glycoside,  proline, lysine and copper, Micro -hyaluronic acid developed by biotechnological process, Tarmarid extract, Biomimetic  Elafin Peptide, Haberlea Rhodopensis  “resurrection plant”,  Glucosamine Phosphate / Caffeyl Glucoside.
Our cosmetics, in this way, offer the skin an impressive result regarding anti-ageing, moisturization, elasticity, regeneration and healing by activating the production of collagen and elastin. 
Preventing and treating ageing skin and its revitalisation and repair are successfully achieved using the specialised products of the latest cosmetics series Benelica.
The Benelica series, which is sold in pharmacies consists of:
- Moisturizing Day Cream (50ml)

- Anti-ageing Cream (50ml)

- Eye Cream (30ml)

- Serum Lifting (30ml)

- Hand Cream (75ml)

- Regenerative Gel (50ml)

- Neck and Decolletage Cream (50ml)  
Benelica is also to be offered for the first time in Centers for the Revitalization and Treatment of the Skin such as Aesthetics Institutes and Spas.
Their results can be seen after your first visit to such a Center.