''Macrovita'' is made up from the ancient Greek prefix "MACRO", which lengthens the meaning of the words, and the well-known Latin word "VITA", which means life. The composition of the two also incorporates the Asian symbol YIN - YANG that expresses physical and mental balance. Combined with the honeycomb of the bee, it leads to apitherapy.

MACROVITA is, therefore, the source of longevity. It follows the wise teachings of the Greek-Roman civilization as well as the ancient Far Eastern cultures, combined with modern scientific research and technology, in addition to the contemporary ecological outlook towards the natural world. MACROVITA products will help you discover the right path to both external and internal health and beauty.

The love and trust of MACROVITA people in the peaceful power of nature as well as their close relationship with two extremely interesting science divisions, Homeopathy and Apitherapy, has led to the standardization and circulation of the first natural products. Continuous research on the properties and capabilities of different plant ingredients, quickly led to highly effective cosmetic applications. R&D is continued with undiminished interest and with great future, given that natural ingredients and their combinations practically never end!