1. Your collection is excellent. What’s your inspiration?

Inspiration comes unexpectedly. I'm inspired by almost everything I come across, during a visit to an archaeological site, while travelling, or merely taking a walk in the center of Athens.

2. You work your own business in the middle of crisis. How does it feel?

Challenging, it motivates me to excel and find new resources.

3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

Living in a blessed country, full of light, I definitely feel optimist.

4. What is Greece to you?

Hospitality, generosity and stimulation of all senses. This is Greece to me.

5. Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens, a place you would propose to your friend from abroad.

GB Roof Garden Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Grande Bretagne is one of my favorite places for dinner. Perfectly situated in the heart of Athens with breathtaking view and amazingly delicious food.

6. Five things of Greece you can’t live without?

Simple things, like a day by the sea, having late lunch at a small tavern, watching a film in an open air cinema, a midnight walk in the center of Athens and discovering new places.

7. What are your next business goals?

I am focused in promoting my work worldwide through synergies and important collaborations. I am currently participating in the group of modern jewelry creators “A Jewel Made in Greece”, which mainly aims to promote Greek jewelry abroad. I am also interested in designing jewelry collections for museums and art spaces. Exclusive collections of my jewelry are currently available in the British Museum, Benaki Museum and Industrial Gas Museum of Athens.

8. A chic woman in her closet should always have....?

A piece of jewelry that has been passed down in her family for generations and a piece of jewelry that has been designed exclusively for her.

9. Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......?

In Kastoria, which is the most beautiful town in Greece in wintertime. Built on a peninsular hill, mirrored to a beautiful lake, Kastoria is elegant and romantic with narrow picturesque streets leading to old Byzantine churches.

10. A woman that you would like to wear your collections? Your muse..?

I am inspired by independent women, confident, yet elegant. I believe my jewelry designs reflect the type of women I admire, simple and refined.


(We thank Danai Vamvacopoulou, managing partner)