1.Your collection is excellent. What’s your inspiration?

M.P: Thank you! Architecture, nature, science are a source for me but my inspiration is mostly related to my sentiments. I like to create a kind of fight between volumes, colors, materials… The forms are dynamic, organic but always extremely feminine. I enjoy creating the surprise.

 2.You run your own business in the middle of crisis. Why?

M.P: What else can I do? I can’t wait for the end of crisis, I will be too old. Let’s take it as a challenge. This situation pushes you sometimes to your limits, which is not always bad and also creates some opportunities that you have to grab. So when you are in the sea you swim!!

3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

M.P: I would say better that I am not a pessimist person. I am sure there is light in the end of the tunnel but you have to find it by yourself!

4.What is Greece to you?

M.P: My father is Greek and with my family we were coming for summer holidays. So firstly, Greece for me is a memory. I grew up in Paris, lived in Bangkok and Hong Kong and believe me when I say there is here a “douceur de vivre”* that I couldn’t find nowhere else!

(*sweetness of life)

5.Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens a place you would propose to your friend from abroad...

 M.P: Many wonderful places to propose but I have to say that Ithaki restaurant offers not only exceptional Greek cuisine but also the most beautiful sunset I have ever seeing.

 6.Five things of Greece you can’t live without?

 M.P: Sun, history, friends, contradictions and octopus with vinegar…

 7.What are your next business goals?

 M.P: Given the financial situation in general, the effort to remain professionally active is indeed a major business goal. I will not hide the fact that I am flirting with foreign markets.

 8.A chic woman (or a man)  in the closet should always have....?

 M.P: Except from the famous little black dress (or a black suit for a man) everyone has to have one statement ring at least. My opinion is that the ring, more than other pieces of jewellery, is an extension of the personality. I believe that the hand is the most sensual part of the body. With your hands you are caressing, feeling, expressing and connecting with others. Women can wear it with any kind of clothes and will be immediately chic. Same for men…

9. Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......?

 M.P: My perfect winter holidays in Greece would be in Athens to experience all the things that I can’t enjoy when I work. Athens is a vibrant city during the winter, a lot more than the summer when everything takes place elsewhere and everybody is away. There are so many things to do! Attending various cultural events such as film festivals and art exhibitions, shopping antiques at Monastiraki, visiting archeological locations that are too hot and too crowded in the summer and most importantly meeting my friends which are not scattered at the islands during the winter. As you understand, climbing the mountains, even if they are beautiful, with rain, is not my thing… I am a city boy…

 10.The secret of being so creative like you!

M.P: By dreaming!