Introducing Tzef Montana - meet SLAYER's creative producer and stunning face of a new type of masculinity.
Recognizable as a featured performer in the new Charli XCX video for the song "After The Afterparty feat. Lil Yachty", directed by the legendary Diane Martel, Montana is a global activist, performer and model. 
Born and raised in Greece by a Belgian mother and an Ethiopian-Greek father, Montana caused a stir in his home country this summer after proudly displaying his gender nonconformity in one of the Mediterranean's most popular televised fashion shows. A Greek man in heels, dominating the catwalk as a top model, Montana challenged the notions of what Greek masculinity can and should look like. For Montana, deciding to model in the show was all about his message. He felt determined to publicly represent the freedom he feels as a cis queer man who doesn't impose socially sanctioned limitations on his dress and representation, doing it in honor of the little Greek boys who grew up as he did, trapped by their masculinity. Montana became an example of how good it can feel for men to boldly live out their true identities, regardless of how few options they're socialized to have. 

Recently divorced from a female Greek pop star and still romantically available to women, Montana's Greek publicity spawned a national conversation about the perceived conflict between his gender and sexuality. 

An undeniable beauty with a towering, Angelina Jolie-like look, Montana's modeling career ignited a national conversation that led to a slew of media appearances and fashion campaigns. Now in LA pursuing modeling and entertainment full-time, Montana is one of many youth influencers to join Charli XCX in telling her newest story. Montana's dynamic screen presence and eccentric style are his signature, as is his vocal commitment to advocating for the abolishment of patriarchy worldwide as a men's issue and responsibility. 

Prior to modeling full-time, Montana got his Bachelors of Arts from London Metropolitan University before receiving his Master's degree in music management from UCLA a couple years ago. Once out of school, Montana was hired at Interscope by feminist activist and MIA's drummer Kiran Gandhi. Only recently did he leave his career as a rock and roll domme, formerly managing some of the biggest metal bands in the world including SLAYER and Mastadon.

With the soul of an artist and the voice of a community advocate, Montana's fiery self-determination is now shaking up mainstream entertainment in Los Angeles by calling for an end to the restrictions that govern male identity all over the world. He's as confrontational as he is cute. 

A rising star with a message as strong as his aesthetic, Montana has already collaborated with the likes of: American Apparel, Bernhard Willhelm, Nicola Formichetti.