I would like to understand this love you have as a musician, for the greek ''rebetiko''.Its the kind of music that was familiar to you since you were a kid?

-No.... I discover this music (Rebetiko) when I was 20 and I was travelling to Santorini. It was very exciting... I heard this music for the first time on aboard to Koufonisia island.

Do you think that Greek people feel the ''rebetiko'' in the same way that old people did?

-Well.. Im not sure......

For me Roza Eskenazy was a huge figure. What that woman meant for you as a musician?

-I love Roza very much. I think she is one of the best singers in all over the world.

Thessaloniki. My favorite place. It is the same for you, do you feel you have a connection to the city?

-Thessaloniki is really very important place for the Jewish people.

In Israel, they love greek music. Since i was travelling there for vacation, i never understood the reason of this ''love.''

-Maybe it is because greek music is something between east and west , and the people they are like this ..''west and east''.

Are you an optimist person? You think that ''we, the Greeks will see the light at the end of the tunell'' eventually ,or crisis is here to stay?

-I really hope -so I m sure- Greece has excellent economic potential!

A place in Greece you would like to spend your holidays?

-To the island Koufonisia...

Tell us about Manolis Rassoulis and your work with Sofia Papazoglou.

-I loved Manolis very much. The story between us start when Manolis come to Israel and saw me in my concert ,he liked it very much. Then we started to work together. he was singing with me in few concerts in Israel..it was great.. I remember that I wrote Hebrew words the song "oi manges den iparxoun pia'' and he liked it very much. I felt very sad when he died, and I really miss him. Sofia Papazoglou is the one of my favorite singers in Greece, we worked together in a few great concerts in Israel it was very exciting. I love her very much and I was very lucky to work with her and also, with the great musicians from Greece The Bouzouki players Manolis Karantinis, Nikos Tatasopolous and the Acordion player Kurti Dashou.

''My sweet canary''. A film i personally adore. What was the final feeling you had after you saw it on screen. 

-I was lucky to take part in this film about Roza and Im happy with the result! It was very nice to cooperate with the great musicians from Greece and Turkey .

''Avram bar''. Tell me more about it!

-It is place were I playing Rembetika every week. Very nice atmosphere. Come and see..