1.First of all, congratulations for this successful book -The Body Doesn't Lie- it’s really amazing. What was your inspirations, or your inner needs that made you start writing it?

-Globally, 1 in 5 adults suffer with some type of pain. It’s estimated that 1 in 10 adults are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. My purpose for writing this book was to give those suffering with pain the tools and knowledge to end their pain and to start living a life full of passion and purpose. I’d love to treat the entire world but it’s just not possible. My book takes readers through patient case studies, medical research, and wellness rituals to help them uncover the underlying source of their pain. 

2.Do you believe that physical pain can be the result of our mind negativity sometimes?

-We talk about the mind-body connection but they are one and the same. We feel our emotional pain as physical pain, sometimes long after the original heartbreak. In my experience, many people suffering from low back pain tend to be repressing an emotional hurt from long ago. If the patient is able to identify the pain and face the issue then release it – the pain will often release as well. As recent study from the University of Michigan shows that the brain processes all pain, physical or emotion, the same way. The brain doesn’t know the difference between burning your hand and having heartbreak. With that being said, it is important to rule out any serious physical issues that may be causing your pain with your physician first.  

3.What a pain in the back, for example, says about our health?

-Lower back pain in women has possible physical causes such as ovary disease, pelvic disorder, kidney stones, adrenal fatigue, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Possible emotional sources include loss of power and buried emotions. You need to listen to your body and be your own pain investigator—truly reflect on where your pain is coming from and be aware of the possible causes. 

4.What is the secret of your “well-being”?

-The secret to my “well-being” is knowing thy self, living my passion, listening to my body, being kind to others, and giving back. Having a career that I’m truly passionate about and makes me happy, keeps me in the positive. Wellness rituals keep my mind and body energized and healthy. Rituals such a meditation or prayer play such an important role in my life because they help me reset my mindset and let go of anything negative that may have happened throughout the day. 

5.Are you the type of character who would swim against the stream or would you rather be on the safe side?

-I don’t see myself as being a person who goes against the stream, nor am I a person who plays it safe. I simply focus on the most effective way to do something based on research, my education, my experiences, and my heart. Might sound cliché, but I follow my gut—it is our second brain after all! If you truly believe in something, you just have to go for it. My philosophy is believe, visualize, make it happen!  

6.''Pain''. A word that scares us as hell. How can we manage to face pain as our ''best friend"?

-Pain is potential. Pain awakens the truth and can be your most powerful teacher. Don’t settle with managing your pain; use it as a tool to grow. Get out of your comfort zone and out of your pain. Take time to reflect on what’s causing your pain— is it your job? Is it your relationship with yourself or others? Dig deep to understand where the pain is coming from and change it. 

7.What is your everyday agenda and how do you combine your intense business life with your personal life?

-My daily agenda consists of seeing clients, business meetings, working on projects and the best part, being a mum! Eating healthy, meditating, praying and exercising all play a role in helping me stay on track and balanced. The better we take care of ourselves the better we can take care of others. 

8.Your next business goals?

-My greatest passion is giving back and helping others. My goal is to get everyone out of their comfort zone and out of their pain. I want to do my own research on the benefits of cranial sacral touch therapy and teach other osteopaths and medical doctors my approach to healing the body. 

9.What is Greece to you?

-If I could describe Greece in one word it would be FILOTIMO. Greece is my home, where my heart and soul belong. When I’m in Greece, I feel invigorated—I feel the magic! Greece means love, family, healing foods, beautiful islands, childhood memories, prayer, positivity, kindness, blue skies, and endless sea. 

Speaking of Greece, I’m honored to have contributed to the delicious and inspiring A Taste of Greece book in support of the Greek meals donation program, Boroume. Please join our efforts in helping Greece by purchasing the book on Amazon – all the proceeds will go to Boroume.

10.Are you an optimist? Do you believe we must always see ''the light in the end of the tunnel''?

-I’m definitely a true optimist. I created the Positive Feedback Program to help keep people in the positive and to understand that every obstacle in life makes you stronger and helps you to evolve. Research at John Hopkins showed that people with a family history of heart disease who have a positive outlook on life were 1/3 less likely to suffer from a heart attack or other cardiovascular events within 5 to 25 years than those with a negative outlook. Other studies have also shown that negative emotions can weaken your immune system.