1.First of all, its our pleasure  having this conversation with you. So, frankly we would like to know about your own music journey, when did it start?

-Τhe first time l got in touch with Rebetiko was on my way from Santorini to Koufonisia. I saw two young guys playing baglama and guitar. It seemed so wondefull. Rebetiko music touched my heart so deeply...so  my Rebetiko journey had just started.
2. In Israel people seem to love greek music so much. Why is this happening by your point of view?
-I can say Rebetiko its a music between west and east. And as you know meny Jewish pepole lived mostly in Thessaloniki befor the war...
Most of them were killed by Germans. The survivors brought this music to Israel. And this music touched the people of my land.
3.Who are your favorite Greek musicians that truly inspired you?
-Markos Bamvakaris and Roza Eskenazi..
4.Tell us more about the collaboration with Dimitris Mistakidis.
-I do every year a Rebetiko seminar in Jerusalem with the name ''Roza Eskenazi'' in the house of the Greek community in Jerusalem and they help us a lot.
It is a really great project and  many young mucicians from lsrael foind it very interesting. That really made me happy.
This year l chose Dimitris Mystakidis to teach in this seminar, it was great, he is a great musician and  it was wonderfull to work with him.
5. Why is so difficult to find female singers today with the personality of Roza Eskenazi?
-I realy dont know why... l think there are great young female singers in Greek but it is a deferent time. Roza was very special...
6.For us you are the best  ''Rebetiko'' ambassador abroad. Do you feel like this sometimes?
-Thank you very much, but l am not sure about it.... l just do what l believe in my heart..
7.A music band or an artist you would like to work together?
-I would like to do something with Stelios Bamvakaris and l hope that this will soon become true.
8. Your motto in life?
To give as much as you can. And  believe in people.