-What motivated you to enter into the world of jewels?

Being a mathematician I felt that my everyday life was trapped in a life pattern that was far enough from what I wanted to be. So just before I reached the age of 30 I decided to change everything and follow my need of creativity. From young age I remember myself to draw and do handcraft. The jewelry came later in my life. Jewelry is a kind of art which accompanies us in our everyday life and follow our moments! 

-Was it a hard start starting off as a small business owner?

Starting off a business in the field of jewelry when the crisis began was not the easiest task. There were many difficulties, but none of them were good enough to make me give up on my dream. No crisis should stand as a problem and make us give up on our dreams and our expectations! My generation has been considered unlucky because they have not been given the opportunity for work! 

I believe that for many of us has become an excuse to sit back doing nothing. If there is something that you really love, and if you work hard you can make you dream come true.

-What have been your learning milestones starting and growing your business?

What I can say with certainty is that we must chase our dreams and remain focused on our goals under any circumstances no matter how difficult that is.

-Favorite material to work with? Gold? Silver? Or precious stones? Define.

I like natural materials! I use gold and silver in combination with silk cords, semiprecious and precious stones. 

I am trying   to use materials in their purest form!

-Your favorite shape? Define.

I can hardly pick any. Surely many shapes are my favorite and that is because I love geometry! If I had to pick one out that would be the circle. The lack of start and end is a property of the circle that follows us in all aspects of our lives.

-Source of inspiration?

Inspiration is a unique feeling it can be triggered by anything. It comes suddenly and it’s set as a magical process. Images, forms and even figures can be a source of my inspiration.

-Thinking out of the box is for you:

Freedom of thought! Freedom! Not to be limited in any sense. At no mold! Pure as it comes in our minds!

-What do you think of the jewelry making business in Greece?  To make myself clearer, what do you think needs to be done from the Greek State’s part speaking in order for this business sector to flourish?

The silverwork in Greece has his origins way back in centuries. From ancient times until today jewelry has a strong connection with the Greek culture. We can see so many young jewelry designers with exceptional and unique ideas. But to start a new business in Greece today has many difficulties. I believe that if they simplified the procedure and reduce the costs for starting a business, silversmith would be easier to develop in Greece.

-How would you advise someone at his kick off point?

I have never been the type of person who likes to give advice but if I had to give one that would be to remain focus on you goal, and to work hard.

-Future plans or dreams waiting to come true:

My future plans are to remain focus on my work. Live the present and try to keep my feet on the ground taking one step at a time. Certainly optimism and appetite for new perspectives brings such a change.