1. Your collection is excellent. Whats your inspiration?

-Inspiration is everything...nature,architecture,fashion etc...everyday life is an inspiration because it creates needs and space for arts such as jewellery.


2.You run your own bussiness in the middle of crisis. How does it feel?

-I started my own bussiness long before the crisis and I will continue as long as my friends and clients support me and want me to continue...


3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

-.I always see the glass half full. Maybe we had to go through these very hard times in order to become better people and reset our values .I also believe that people who make a ''statement'' in their field will survive. The rest will not.


4.What is Greece to you?

-Greece is my homeland and always in my heart... but sometimes I feel that people are very insecure....We have to believe in ourselves and help each other in order this country to go forward.


5.Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens a place you would propose to a friend from abroad...

-Many good restaurants in Athens.....Funky Gourmet is a place i would propose to a friend from abroad  but not only for the amazing taste! Their food is an experience full of surprises!!


6.Five things of Greece you cant live without?

-I love the sun (very typical but true)...


I love the different scenery you can reach within an hour or two driving (lakes, mountains, sea etc).


Greek sea is the best in the whole world!


Summer cinemas..


Ancient theaters...What a magical experience!


7.What are your next bussiness goals?

-My main goal is to expand my presence abroad.


8.A chic woman in her closet should always have....?

-She should have a)pearls because they bring out the light in the face b)red lipstic for a more dramatic look c)a pair of high heels really carefully chosen to bring out the feminine side and as Tom Ford says "invisible yet unforgetable"  perfume...


9.Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......?

-I always go to Pelion for winter holidays and everytime I discover there something new.


10.The secret of being so sexy, creative and shinny like you? Tell us the secret!

-.There is no secret really! I am lucky enough to be able to practise what I love and be surrounded by people I love. That is something that brings out the best in people...