1.What's the things you want to photograph? Tell us more about it.

I love to observe, take notice, and express the beauty in the world, within, and in others, through my art and especially through nature. I photograph my own and other people’s inner feelings, mood and emotions. I do this by observing the environment around me and seeing the relation of how nature mimics life. Working on a more micro scale I break it down for my photographic purposes and capture how nature reflects our inner feelings, mood and emotions. Recently the sea has been my inspiration. I spend vast amounts of time at the beach taking in- depth photographs of the active sea while being in peak emotional states of joy, bliss, gratitude, etc. While in those states I easily connect with the water and nature reflects my emotions in the sea. I capture this in my photographs. I became interested in the studies conducted by Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto about this concept. He proves there is a definite connection between water and human vibrational energy, thoughts, words and emotions. It’s amazing what nature can feel from us. Just think, the human body is 75% water so if emotions can do that to the sea, imagine what our thoughts, feelings and mood can do inside you…

2. Are you optimist about the situation in Greece today?

Yes I’m very optimistic about the situation in Greece. This is a strong country with so much rich history and perseverance. I have no doubt the people can pull through this especially if they do it together.

3. What are the difficulties a young artist has to face today in this country?

Everyone is faced with different difficulties, the best is to take them on and learn from whatever difficulties you may be faced with because those are your best lessons in life and make you stronger. We are never given more than we can handle.

4.What's your inspiration?

Nature, the sea, people, LIFE

5.Your next business goals are..?

The absolute best environment for shooting photography for me is outside, but my goal is to create an indoor photography studio. I’ve expanded my subject matter to artistic fashion photography and I’m having a really great time with it, I’ve also gotten excellent feedback from the clients. A studio will give me the versatility I can pass on to my clients. Another goal is I want to exhibit in my native land, America!

6.Where we can see your work?

My website www.melissavlahos.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/melissavlahosartist

Follow my blog www.melissavlahos.blogspot.com


My next scheduled exhibition will be October 17-22 at The Hub Events, Gazi. It will be an international group art exhibition with many other exciting events running parallel. Information can be found here http://www.exploringacreativelife.com/art-links---athens-2014.html


7. The best things in life...are?

That’s a tough question because I see the best in everything!

8.Finally..What is Greece to you? Is only the sea, the sun, the food, or something bigger than that?

Freedom to express, to experience everything-new culture, and way of life; new landscapes, environment, climate; new tastes; new sounds of nature, the sea, city life, silence, τζιτζίκια in the trees at night making their presence known.

Authentic Greek food, home grown, natural, bio, fruits & vegetables, clean, fresh tastes, earthy herbs, μαγειρευτα, simple, pure fresh ingredients, recipes past down for generations, dishes that combine the fruits of their labor and availability, using what God gave them in the best possible combinations, pure produce how it should taste and look, slow cooked, home cooked, comfort food.

Raw beautiful untouched nature, God’s canvas, God’s creative playground. The nature grounds me.

Honest people, real faces-no masks, wearing their life in each wrinkle, proud people of their history with a deep knowledge of their language, history and mythology. Fighting for what they believe in, giving, hospitable.

Sunshine every day, never a grey day. Keeps my mood uplifted, it makes every day when waking up feel like it’s going to be a great day, a perfect day, because when the sun is shining nothing can go wrong. Every day is like a vacation.

Blue skies every day, the color of topaz, clear, clean fresh air, sky & sea meet in the blurred horizon without a meeting point. Unbelievable sunsets, like the brushstrokes from God

Nights filled with stars, moonlight reflecting on the sea, serene, peaceful

Standing on sacred ground of ancient temples is transformative. It takes me back in time to life then, the struggles, victories, beliefs, discoveries. Feeling a past life lived here, feeling at home the minute I got off the plane, coming home, remembering what I missed and appreciating every bit of it

The sea is inviting, clear, clean. It’s amazing the depth it holds and the distance I can see into it. It’s mesmerizing and meditative. I can watch it for hours, noticing the patterns and reflecting shapes, feeling the rhythm of the tide, listening to the crashing, splashing, bubbling on the shore. I am centered there, relaxed, at peace.

This is Greece to me.