Your collection is excellent. Tell us more about it.

It’s the female version of androgynous style.I follow strict, austere and simple lines. Black and white are the basic colors.

You run your own business in the middle of a crisis. How does it feel?

That crisis makes me more watchful with my collaborations and more conscious with my clients, in order to provide better products.This situation was a good way for everyone to become more professional.
Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?
I never see a tunnel , I only see opportunities and different sides of reality, so I think I am an optimist person!
What is Greece to you?
-The most beautiful and cultural country all over the world, where I want to live forever, where I get my inspiration.
Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens, a place you would propose to your friend from abroad, a boutique hotel you really loved.
Funky Gourmet: it’s not just a restaurant but a dining experience.Located in Kerameikos, a historical neighborhood of Athens.I will definitely propose a walk around the historical center of Athens.My favorite boutique hotel is the Grecophilia hotel in Elia , Myconos.
Five things of Greece you can't live without?
The sea, the climate, the islands the view of Αcropolis, the value of family.
What are your next business goals?
First of all, I’m working on expanding the brand abroad and why not to have my own store in Greece.
A chic woman in her closet should always have....?
A black dress… A long wool coat, jeans, a leather jacket, a white shirt, a classic pair of high heels pumps and a pair of riding boots.
 Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......?
In Pilio and I also love going on islands, because of their wild beauty during winter.
Greece is a place for holidays or its something more than that?
Although the latest years there were a lot of problems, Greece still provides a unique quality of life and a culture that makes you want to live here forever..