Sotiris-Nikolas Kassos is a Musician, Composer and Student of Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences (National Technical University of Athens – N.T.U.A). Through the period of 2009 to 2011, was an associate of NTUA’s musical department. He is currently an associate of Macronesos Museum.
He is studying Music Composition and his music originates from the baroque and classical era, with the addition of more modern idioms such as the 12th tone mode and serialism. 
Also he is currently curing out research on the old musical styles of pre-renaissance era and its practices on the Greek musical tradition.
In the coming years, he will give to the public two new compositional techniques that he has been working on.
Articles regarding his findings on the old music aesthetics and philosophy are published regurarly on
Other works regard two poetry collections (unpublished) and pencil sketches.
Favorite instruments seem to be his flutes, whistles and the Great Highland Bagpipes.   
Sotiris Nicolas, is a member of Delian Society and UNESCO. In 2012 he was honored with the “Alexander the Great” gold medal.