Xenia Papazoglou model,answers in 10 questions.


What is Greece for you?

- For me Greece is my home,the sun,the beautiful

islands,the great seas,the funny people,the non-stop parties!

Tell us one place for our summers in Greece..

-I totally recommend Santorini.It's the most beautiful island i have ever seen with the most breathtaking views.....

The best things in life are.......

-The best things in life are everything that makes us smile.

What songs are the soundtrack of your life?

-The music depends on my mood..at the moment is "the read all about it bootleg-stefan biniak."

Hungry? in which resto you should take your friend from abroad?

-Agioli restaurant in thessaloniki ,it has good food,nice view,and reasonable prices!

A hotel that made you feel like home?.

-I always prefer big hotels so none of them made feel like home..maybe i havent visit the right yet..

Your next trip will be ..where?

-My next trip will be in Crete. I will go one week for holidays. It has magnificent places and beaches  i cant wait to swim !

Your secret of having a great time..tell it now.

-Spending quality time with the people i love...........

Five things of greece you cant live without ?

-Greek islands,greek seas,greek sun,greek food,greek lifestyle..

Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

Thessaloniki has many good spots. If you have the right company you can go everywhere! (tell me about it Xenia...)