Sometimes, when we go to museums we don’t really know some words, people or facts. So, we cannot understand the exhibits, we get tired and we leave.

However, we are here to change that!

Clio Muse is an application for visitors connecting cultural institutions with their visitors. It shares unique intriguing stories for selected exhibits. You can use the application within the exhibition as a tour guide or from anywhere else so that you can prepare your visit or learn more afterwards.

Visitors can choose the amount of information they will read, see or listen for each exhibit, vote for their favourite exhibits or stories. They can play interactive games and share their experience with their friends via their social networks.

At the same time, cultural institutions can process visitors’ statistics, learn their opinion and design their exhibitions accordingly. They can also share new stories for the same exhibits re-inviting and engaging with their visitors again and again.


Andreas is a Conservator of Antiquities & Works of Art. (He completed his internship at the Byzantine Museum of Athens and works as an assistant in the International Institute for Restoration & Preservation. He runs the first greek blog for Art Preservation & an Etsy shop for his handmade jewels.)

Yiannis is an Electrical & Computer Engineer. (He founded his first company at age 21. He built his first mobile applications in 2011. A calm power inside the team, productive in very stressful situations. As the oldest member of the team he bridges everyone together and brings out their best.)

Daphne graduated of the Athens University of Economics and Business. (She attended a semester at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. She concluded successfully her 2-month internship at the Athens Stock Exchange and has also worked as an administration assistant in Vega Finance (9 months). Competent with business plan composition, with managerial skills.)


On 13th February 2014 we will present for the first time to the public Clio Muse in the Athens City Museum - Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation.

Our ambition is to change the way we see the exhibits, to let go of technical details and connect emotionally with them. We would like the visitors to think “Clio Muse” when they think of museums.


The greek recession has forced most people to look for improvements in our daily life. We see more and more people of all ages suggesting solutions to everyday seemingly minor problems, which if somehow all were corrected they could improve our everyday life on the whole.



Creative Business Cup Greece, GEW 2013