“Liodentra”, in Greek folklore literature, derives from the word Elaiodentra which means Olive Trees. The traditional guest house “Liodentra" is a seaside complex, located in the picturesque Mani Peninsula .

Situated in an ideal location, the guesthouse affords magnificent landscape surroundings and direct access to the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

Respect for the environment and preserving the traditional architecture of the place are the main characteristics of the traditional guesthouse "Liodentra".

Stone, wood, and metal were used in traditional techniques by local craftsmen, resulting in an inspiring composition of authentic accommodation and local design.

The wooden skeleton of the roof was constructed with old Byzantine tiles, the local Mani stone, carved from large blocks, everything was carefully chosen to create this magnificent traditional stone-built guesthouse.

The natural materials, colors and characteristic fragrances of the place, refer to past times that reminisce authentic Greek hospitality.

The 2 two-storey houses are furnished with antiquities that have been selectively collected over the years from all over the world. The authentic 19th-century treasure chest, the German bookcase from the Alps, the English vintage washstand, along with the Persian carpets and French engravings, all contribute to the interior design of exquisite aesthetics and the unique atmosphere of Liodentra traditional guesthouse.