I was born in Rethimno, Crete in Greece. I graduated the Athens University of Economics and Business and I am a jewelry designer since 1990 after attending painting, sculpting, jewelry making and designing classes. I am living and working in Athens.   
I think of jewelry design as a combination of line and color and material that is each time the result of a given frame of mind, of different mental and emotional states.        It is the lines and forms and shapes that we encounter all around us in the natural world, in the street, or in everyday life, or even in the images these trigger in the mind…  The colors that are inherent to the materials, almost invariably requiring special processing before they are revealed…                                                  

And finally the materials themselves, whether luxurious, or humble, complementary, or disparate, or ephemeral, worked by hand using traditional and modern techniques to produce a range of unique pieces.

My aim is to create jewelry that is flawless in terms of construction and finish, perfectly fitting the human anatomy so that it becomes an essential and cherished accessory, setting off the personality of the wearer.
Member of the international art jewelry comuity klimt02 and the Italian associations of contemporary jewelry AGC και Gioiellodentro.