''Since i was a child, i adored gem stones. they used to sparkle in my eyes. I was admiring the way they were cut, their colors, their purity.

The truth is, that as a child I was not aware about  all these magic details they represented and  these little treasures that came from the depths of the Earth.

I am strongly  inspired by Nature, by all Ancient cultures as also by the Greek Mythology.

The basic materials I use, are chains tied with semi precious stones in a rock way, stones such as lapis lazuli, eye of the tiger, crystals, tourmalines, citrines and many more.

I believe that we live in an extremely turbulent time ( Hestic-Dark-Hopeless ) and as an artist, it strongly affects me but I have decided that from now on, I should  move on. The words that now have a very strong meaning to me are: LOVE-LIGHT-HOPE-DESIRE-PASSION and CHANGE.

I also love to work for fairy-tails ( my SNOW QUEEN necklace was made for the famous Queen and was loved by the Politecnico Scuola di Milano, so they decided to include it on their online international exhibition http://www.jewelleryscape.it/internationalexhibition/plastics.html ),theatre cinema, music shows fashion shows.

I believe that  inspiration, has to do with intuition and intuition seems to be the  powerful knowledge which, we do not know really where it comes from.''