Life is there to be enjoyed, dreams are there to be chased and epic adventures are to be made. This is SALTBEAT, our life's and our brand's story.

SALTBEAT was born when we decided to blend our passion for water-sports with a longstanding interest in fashion and a true desire to produce pieces that are both beautiful to look at and practical to wear.

Inspired by and dedicated to women who want to look and feel good in and out of the water, SALTBEAT was created to combine sophisticated tailoring and technical functionality within an ever evolving collection fueled by collaborations with artists and designers from around the world.

The spirit of the ocean, that sense of freedom, that rush of adrenaline from getting active in, on, or under the water, is the inspiration for SALTBEAT and something that we aspire to share with like-minded people. Whether surfing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, diving, SUPing or boating in the sea, there will always be something from the SALTBEAT range to fit every need.

With the number of women taking on action and water sports growing each year, we are on a mission to deliver high-tech sophistication to all, and across the globe. With that in mind, our products are designed to be mixed and matched depending on individual style and needs, across different sports. Each SALTBEAT piece can be layered for when the water is cold or worn with a bikini when the sun comes out!