Founded in 2009 by the designer, Virginia Tzioti is a jewelry brand based in London. Holding great respect for the ancient Greek culture, while designing with contemporary aesthetics, the brand forges an original mix of old and new, tradition and evolution.

The designer started her career soon after she graduated with a degree as a handmade jewelry technician. She started working at a stone setting workshop, where she got valuable experience and understanding of high-quality, luxury products. Wanting to make her own path and to develop her signature style, she studied plastic arts and sculpting, gaining a better understanding of volume, form and shape. That is in fact an important aspect of the philosophy of her brand; her inspiration derives directly from the shape and functions of raw materials- gold, silver and platinum.

Staying true to her love for handmade jewelry, the designer personally develops every piece of the collection, to achieve the best possible result. During the production stages, every small detail is of great importance and is therefore masterfully executed to perfection. The ancient Greek culture serves as the brand’s greatest influence. The designer is constantly in search of aesthetics from the antiquity that can be applied in modern reality. Often hiding symbolisms, as in the old times, the work shows versatility of character and meaning, while exploring the journey of jewellery through the ages.