Studying painting in the Athens School of Fine Arts, Pavlina Verouki first came in contact with the jewelry scene, as she started working next to renowned Greek designers, firstly by learning techniques and, in a short while, as an assistant designer. For the past 2 years she is working on her own collections, which she considers as a continuity of her artistic work.
Her new collection, Three Bullets And one boat, starts from the linear representation of three bullets cut transversely, so the mechanisms seem to be reversed and thus the bullets dysfunctional. In the course of her research she noticed that the outer shape of the floor plan of a passenger ship is similar to the outer shape of the bullets with a completely different structure on the inside. Thus, the series consists of floor plan passenger ship pieces in conjunction with accessories and figures of the three bullets. While externally they may seem as aggressive shapes, conceptually they consist of something very pleasant, as the representation of the spaces of a passenger ship, used mainly for beautiful summer trips.