La Vie Jewelry was established in 2010 by Venia & Nansy Lambropoulou. The company was founded with the vision of La Vie, or “life,” with each collection and customizable piece being able to stand out as a beautiful, unique part of your life.

Venia Lambropoulou, the head designer of the collections, is inspired by giving confidence and beauty to the women who wear her pieces. She aspires to show each woman how unique she is, through the secret and enigmatic touch that jewelry possesses.

Venia's design abilities has been influenced by her travels, street style, pop culture, and the idea of timeless design.

Her fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, as she admires not only the trends these women started, but also the sophistication and confidence with which they portrayed themselves.

La Vie combines elegance, luxury, and the Greek spirit. Our jewelry is 100% manufactured in Greece, with the company's focus being the quality of design, material, and final product.

The La Vie Jewelry collections are characterized by beautiful designs, clean lines, and simplified shades, which are applied to each piece in a refined, unique manner. In addition to its seasonal collections, La Vie creates personal, customized jewelry.

The brand has already gained great respect among its local and international customers. Additionally, La Vie has collaborated with department stores in Greece and around the world, as well as participating in international exhibitions and events.

La Vie has been working towards sustainable fashion, and is involved in donations to several Greek-based NGOs.

In 2020, Venia was awarded the prize of Elle Fashion Young Talent Award, for the best jewelry designer.