Marilina spent her early years between Athens and Thessaloniki, at a time when artistic and innovative stimuli around her inspired and actively encouraged her towards design. Always restless and perfectionist, Marilina successfully worked in luxury sales for 20 years, satisfying at the same time her need to be surrounded by precious materials, which was eventually “translated” into creating her own jewelry.
During these 20 years she worked tirelessly for giving a finer shape to her inspiration and for acquiring precious know-how. Benaki Museum Workshops became her “sanctuary”, where she practiced traditional metalsmith techniques and learned about fine metals. Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum added a sparkling touch to the way she implemented her designs. She also attended classes of great jewelers in Paris and Milan, an experience that led to her own unique jewellery style.
In 2008, Marilina opened her first wholesale and retail jewellery atelier. Her latest boutique, specializing in jewellery of colour and other luxury accessories (handmade handbags, rare perfums, etc.) is located in Kolonaki. Marilina’s Colour & Luxury Boutique is called UKKA LELLE, after a mythical persona with international influences, passion for life and divine style. UKKA LELLE is the woman that inspires Marilina and all her followers in jewellery fashion and style!