We had the honor to visit the atelier of the creative jewelry artist Vasilis Giampouras, and get to know more about him and his team. 
We talked about his own professional path, his vision, but also about the art of jewelry.


''Jewelry creation is my personal choice for communicating and sharing creativity.

Creativity is a wonderful ability, as it gives the opportunity to manifest images from an imaginary world into reality.

It is a unique experience, especially when you can share it with others.

I studied jewelry design in London, at Guildhall University, where I realized that jewelry is a vivid object since it contains the artist’s soul. It can be an object of great utility, depending on the way we will place it, in our life.

For me, jewelry is the missing part of yourself as well as the key to express your feelings and communicate what you have in your heart. It is the best way to protect yourself and to express the sensitive or the powerful part of your existence.  

Furthermore, jewelry for me is the most concentrated form of art, that can decode sacred symbols of the universe while at the same time, it can be a multidimensional investment whose value multiples over time.

My team creates unique and mystical jewelry for customers who are looking for pieces with special energy. In my workshop, I have created a crystal temple with special items where our jewelry is activated with positive vibrations.

Moreover, me and my team welcome with great pleasure, special custom-made requests, so that to create only for you, the jewelry of your dreams.


For me, all the beauty of life exists in nature.

Nature is the source of my inspiration where I can find images of harmony, balance, love, and happiness.

In my collections,  I use precious and semi-precious gemstones and special materials and techniques which give colors and create bright images that reflect the most positive aspects of life.


The word jewelry, in Greek “cosmima”, originates from the word “cosmos”. According to ancient Greek “cosmos” means the order of the universe. The order creates harmony and emits beauty.

Through my collections, I give a promise to myself and to my customers, that I will respect the primal idea connected with the word jewelry, the idea of order, which gives harmony and beauty.

I invite you to feel the energy and discover their magic!''

Vasilis Giampouras