For years now, Pentheroudakis, has been synonymous with high quality, reliability and good taste.

We lead a life with passion for originality, simplicity and style.

We look for evolution through time and their trends, manufacture classic and modern jewelry to be worn at all times. Jewelry to be liked and make a woman feel happy.
Since 1948, when Pentheroudakis got involved with jewelry, they have sought their place in the market following deep reflection. We provide an inexhaustible activity, with a high level of technique and a special communication channel with our customers.
We give an emphasis to innovation, diversification and congeniality.

Our high craftsmanship in jewelry is reflected on the multiple ways of gold processing and its various colorings. It is shown in the setting, shine, quality and certified of valuable stones, in the simple elegance of the design and their timeliness.
After sixty years of action, through the change of generations, Pentheroudakis with a series of new jewel collections renews their presence. This has historically been characterised by a constant trust and character. A presence full of bright colours and individual forms. A stylistic identity that conveys messages and coexists through the change of time and fashion.