Our story dates back in 1948

when our founder Ch. Pentheroudakis introduces Greeks to the new European style of jewelry, opening the first store, in Voukourestiou St. the most prestigious pedestrian street of Athens which still remains our flagship store up to this date.

The brand Pentheroudakis appears right after the war seeking fresh and new styles to cover customers demand for new fashions.

The second Pentheroudakis generation

his son Manos, joins in 1980. With an economics and finance background, Manos travels to Germany and Italy where he learns and practices the art of jewelry.

In 1989 he opens the second Pentheroudakis store with new, original designs and at the same time inspires and creates the basis of our statement collections

The art of jewelry travels ages back to ancient civilizations.

History is what drives us forward.
Our handcrafted jewelry represent luxury in the modern times.
We seek inspiration and find beauty in everything around us. Connecting old and new always striving to be present, stylish and innovative.

We provide an inexhaustible activity, with a high level of technique and a special communication channel with our customers.