Our Vision

To be your unforgettable host in Athens, Greece.

Our Mission

Through our personalised hospitality in the welcoming, unique and aesthetically pleasing environment of our luxurious premises, we want to make Athens dwell in your memories and your heart as an exceptional sample of classical and modern civilisation.

Our Values

1. Aesthetics
2. Respect for the environment
3. Innovation and initiative
4. Respect for our guests’ individuality
5. Perfection and passion

Situated in the historic neighbourhood of Psiri, The Foundry is a collection of Urban Luxury Suites in Athens, Greece that fuses industrial design with exceptional, mid-century modern stylistics.

Featuring 12 sensational, fully equipped apartments and a stunning rooftop Picnic Garden, The Foundry can boast a central location and magnificent Acropolis views. The building that houses The Foundry Urban Luxury Suites counts decades of history, originally built in 1930 and having served as a font foundry. Through the years it developed into a printing house before becoming a cultural centre with a gallery and theatre space, actively promoting the arts.

Today, keeping all this history within its walls, The Foundry has been fully transformed into a place that welcomes guests, business travellers, couples and friends, who seek a sleek, urban sanctuary in the heart of modern Athens.

The Foundry exudes a hip sense of belonging, a contemporary feeling of being at home with its raw materiality and industrial approach dominating the interiors, all the while maintaining a vintage character that respects its vibrant history.

Offering its guests a unique rooftop Picnic Garden on the terrace, The Foundry has created a verdant oasis of urban repose, doused in spectacular views over the city of Athens, and its most prized landmark, the Acropolis, from morning till night.

Discover Foundry and enjoy an unparalleled experience not to be found in any other luxury hotel in Athens.