Unique, high quality ouzo, produced in Greece by re-known historical company, mixed with natural fruit juice and sparkling water in proportions that do not alter the ouzo characteristics but instead highlight an unexpected aspect of its taste.

It belongs to the product category of alcoholic drinks and in particular in the RTDs -ready to drink cocktails or alcopops It is based on the selection of a differentiating alcoholic base. Instead of using the usual vodka,  gin or rum, we opted for a clear geographically defined option, our ouzo.  This gives a distinguished product and delivers an innovative and unique position in the RTD range.

Basic characteristics of SPIRITUZ

10% Ouzo, Various Fruit juices and Carbonation.

The variety of tastes at the moment is:

Ouzo + strawberry juice + carbonated water (main colour red)

Ouzo + orange juice + carbonated water (main colour orange)

Ouzo + lime juice + carbonated water (main colour green).