Eireen is a new firm producing unique scarves made from 100% silk. The scarves are manufactured in Soufli, Greece a town with great tradition on silk production as it was a part of the silk road during the Byzantine era.

Over the years the Trojan horse has become a symbol of the Greek ingenuity, wittiness, decisiveness and, in general, the ability to confront difficulties. In Greek mythology it was construction inspired by Ulysses. It was a horse which served as a hiding-place, with the view to deceiving the Trojans who regarded it as a present from the ancient Greeks. In reality, it was a construction bearing the most prominent Greek heroes. With the advent of the horse in Troy the Greeks came out and opened the gates to the remaining warriors, thus triggering the capture of the city.

Eireen Greek silk scarves, successfully sold in the shop of the British Museum in London from 26 March to 5 July 2015 , in the exhibition «Defining Beauty: The Body in ancient Greek Art».