Dimitris Dassios was born in Athens Greece, where he studied Political Science, before training as an actor and classical singer. While he was establishing a longstanding career in the National Opera House, Dimitris Dassios was equally active with the design of costume jewelry at first, accessories and other garments in a later stage.

As a member of the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association, he started to present his collections in private shows since 2005. Almost immediately his catwalks became legendary, while journalists and the fashion world has accepted him as one of the most intellectual and avant-garde fashion designers of Greece.

The 1st outing in the International Fashion Scene followed in 2006 with a great success. It was when the world famous Maria Louisa Poumalliou bought his collection for her homonymous boutiques in Paris and Qatar, after watching his catwalk presentation. Since then the dassios collections are being presented in the most important fashion fairs in Milan, Paris and New York where significant fashion boutiques all over the world showcase them constantly.

the dassios concept
A deep affection, pride and respect for the Greek culture and the tradition of other countries through the ages is where Dimitris Dassios draws his inspiration.

Authentic materials, antique fabrics, hand crafted originals, all carefully chosen are brought together with contemporary elements and leathers in order to acquire a modern and highly desirable identity, whether in original one of a kind or limited edition collections.

Remaining loyal and coherent to his personal style the designer managed to establish a brand with a “touch” that is being recognized not only by fashion icons, but also by clients and end customers who can identify the items that bear the Trade Mark of dassios brand.