Elephant Design was founded by Eleni Sfantou and Panos Alexiou in 2019 and resulted from the desire to capitalize on their long-standing experience in two different fields, architecture and graphic arts.
With simple architectural language and a plethora of artistic references, they provide a surplus value in the spaces they create.


The brand name Elephant Design relates to the real and symbolic features of the charming mammal, which relate to wisdom, power, stability and patience. Using the ideas and skills of many different people in order to create new spaces and objects is very important for us. The nature of our work is metaphorically related to how an elephant works and its ability to shape and improve the space in its environment.

So, Elephant Design is a meeting and collaboration space, an exhibition space, an art studio, a workshop of ideas around architectural practice as a starting point. Its philosophy promotes the merging of different people who recognize the uniqueness of each project and attempt a collective interaction with one another to integrate it. We are a group of people who share the idea that architecture should be about the user/resident, meeting his needs and desires.

Elephant Design offers high-quality services on time and within budget, thus establishing our brand’s character as integral and faithful to its values and work.


Elephant Design offers various services covering a wide range of architectural applications such as design, licensing, supervision and construction and has a network of partners of all specialties related to the areas that define an architectural project.
In addition, Elephant Design has extensive experience in the areas of housing, commercial, cultural and recreational areas, restoration and renovation of buildings and apartments, as well as in the organization, planning and oversight of large-scale projects such as luxury residential complexes, healthcare facilities, large office buildings and buildings with special technical requirements. At the same time, our team is interested in participating in national and international architectural competitions.


Elephant Design is a new concept design brand that creates, distributes, produces artwork and decorative objects and furniture in a limited number of copies. Our office is also our "workshop", a space to foster creativity, experimentation and collaboration, and offering artists time and space to promote their work. We ourselves are inspired by art, which can and does influence our designing process. All the art / objects we propose are unique, designed and created by our partners and us.

Do you believe that elephants and mice are best friends?
Be part of our philosophy.