• Two Is Company embraces both architecture and design, from custom-made furniture, lighting, rug and decorative objects to high quality interiors.
    Industrial Designer Dianna Karvounis and Architect Vivian Philippa are two halves of a whole that has managed to unlock the essence of being Greek. 
    Two Is Company is a multi-faceted partnership that embraces both architecture and design, from handcrafted, custom made furniture and exclusive lighting, rug and ceramic collections, to high quality interiors. 
    The solid weight of their cultural heritage translates into strong geometrical patterns and precious materials, an austere take on luxury beautifully complimented by their attention to detail. 
    Two Is Company have built their impeccable reputation on inherent talent and practical ingenuity, as sourcing the best Greece has to offer - both in terms of craftsmanship and materials. At the same time, they have always stayed true to themselves by infusing their designs with international influences, bringing their trademark cosmopolitan refinement.
    Working with a variety of master craftsmen from every corner of the country, they have learned to emanate beauty out of rare woods, while paying tribute to the timeless simplicity of marble and the endless color play of bronze. 
    Their work combines archaic Greek harmony with mid-century modernism, while each piece can be tailored to the client's specific needs.
    Dianna Karvounis takes a passionate interest in architecture, while Vivian Philippa is amazed by how much product design has taught her, always keeping scale and concept at the forefront of their joint venture. It’s all about looking at the world through each other’s perspective and, together, creating new worlds for their clients to live in.