Lena Koutsaftaki, born in Chania, graduated from Vakalo Art & Design School. She has attended painting and typography seminars and has worked in graphic design agencies and Eleftherotipia Newspaper. 
She expresses herself through collage and painting with the use of mixed media and recycled materials. Today, collage depicts our society, as people receive an overflow of information, which may be translated as a complicated collage of information, sometimes not useful or helpful. The thousands of messages we receive everyday, the windows on our pc screen, or the posters on the urban city walls, make a “collage” and affect the graphic design and the advertising fields. She believes that collage, as a technique, is the basis of a strong and direct dialogue between the artist and the audience. 
She has presented her work in several group exhibitions, including Cheapart, ChaniART and Olivepress Art Factory.