My name is Cristine Papadopoulou and I was born and raised in Belgium until the age of 23. Currently, I live in Athens, where I teach French. Since 2016 I have started exploring my passion for photography in my spare time.

I have attended the seminar of artistic photography held by Loukas Vasilikos as also the Achilleas Niasos' experiential photography seminar (The game). I have taken part in three exhibitions and two of my projects- "Άνθη" and "F"- have been presented in the 'Kiosk of Democracy'.

I treat photography as a form of freedom, as a way to express myself, to travel, to be evolved as a human, and finally as a medium to better understand the world and myself. I am mainly interested in capturing people and especially women. The truth, the purity, the beauty of everyone and everything is for me the distinctive "aroma" of them and that I am aiming to capture in my photographs.