• Julie Tzanni lives on the magical Cycladic island of Sifnos in Greece. 

Inspired by her island’s long tradition of pottery making, she decided to quit her job in Μarketing Management in Athens to work with clay. 
She apprenticed under one of the best master potters on the island and eventually transformed an old stone house into her workshop and gallery in 2009.  
Her aim is to create organic, minimal, contemporary ceramic pieces that capture the extraordinary qualities of her island—the clarity of the sky, the sparkle of the sea, the whitewashed walls of the villages, and the unique Mediterranean light.  
Inspired by her surroundings, she actively strives to simulate the imperfection and impermanence of nature itself. Each hand-made piece reflects the philosophy of “wabi sabi”, an aesthetic that honors the beauty of imperfection.
She works in a quiet, meditative state, which reflects her yogic background and lifestyle.
Her pieces are exclusively handmade by the method of pinching and hand-building. On a few occasions she uses the wheel. This method is both slow and labour-some but very rewarding and fulfilling. 
From 2010 until 2014, she worked closely with the Museum of Cycladic Art, providing them with her work, in addition to designing and implementing unique jewelry items for the museum, which were based exclusively on their collections. From 2014 the Athens Concert Hall is hosting exclusively her collection of ceramics and porcelain jewellery in their two art shops.
Apart from showcasing the complete summer porcelain jewellery collection, they host also an exclusive winter porcelain jewellery collection which is designed for them.