Melina Tseliou, journalist  answers in 10 questions.


1)What is Greece to you?

2)Tell us one place we should go this summer in Greece?
-One place? You are kidding me right...Greece is the place to be.

3)The best things in life...?
-The best things are not things.

4)What songs are the soundtrack of your life?
-Lava by Alkisti Protopsalti.

5)In which restoraunt you should take your friend from abroad?
-Shamone in Gazi.

6)A hotel that made you feel like home?
-Hard to hotel can substitute home.

7)Your next trip will be...where?
-Kastelorizo (day dreaming )

8)Your secret of having a great time...tell it now...
-Being unapologetically you.

9)Five things of Greece you can not live without?
-Sunlight,sea,homemade food,culture,language..

10)Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?
-Acropolis..Galatsi Tourkovounia...
Any place that will give me view from above.