Chef Vasilis Tzimas - Tzispot answers in 10 questions.


What is Greece to you?

- Greeece is my Home. Greece inspires me to create dishes based upon our plain and healthy nutrition.Greece is my pride.


A place we should go this summer?

_ I would suggest you go for vacation to Preveza, Epirus. Preveza is a picturesque town surrounded by the deep blue sea of the Ionian Sea and high mountains. There is also river Acheron which is said, was the gate to the Hades.


The best things in life...are..?

-Health, Love, Family and Friends and last but not at all least Cooking!


The sountrack of your life?

 G'n' R "Paradise City" is one. I've been listening to it since I was 10!!
"Give it away" by Red Hot Chilly Peppers , "Know your enemy" by Rage Against the Machine and''where the eagles dare'' by iron maiden are some of the songs that follow me through the years.



Where you should take your friend from abroad to eat?

- I would choose to go to "Botrini's" at Halandri, which belongs to my dear friend Ettore Botrini, because the service is excellent, the food is delicious and the enviroment really cozy.



A hotel that made you feel like home?

 -Sivota Diamonts Hotel in Igoumenitsa, Epirus. The staff and the entire enviroment really makes you feel at home.



Your next trip...will be...

 My next trip is going to be in Paris, France. Paris is the centre of gastronomy and therefore I will have the opportunity to see more things in regard to cooking.



Your secret of having fun?Tell it NOW!

-Positive thinking and good friends!


Five things you love in Greece?

-The Climate, the different Landscapes, Night Life, people's Hospitality - who welcome you with a great smile upon their faces, and traditional cuisine.


Your favorite spot of the city you live?

- A cafe at N. Iraklio named Coffee House, where I meet with friends for the last 15 years!