Welcome to Pinus Nigra - Dikorfo Zagoria

Τhe Pinus Nigra Mountain Lodge, the restored 1863 mansion in the picturesque village Dikorfo in Zagori - Zagoria, alive again in an atmosphere of modern luxury residence. In an area watered by the quality comfort, modern style and respect the tradition of Zagoria.

The sense of intimacy is impressive from the outset. Coexists with an equally impressive sense of modern luxury to provide comfortable public spaces, 3 themed decorated bedrooms, hand-painted ceilings and 2 spacious bathrooms including one with private hammam!Zagorochoria is a network of 46 villages scattered close together on beautiful mountains northeast of the city of Ioannina. The black pine (Pinus Nigra) appears in almost entire region of Zagoria at an altitude from 500 to 1600 meters.

The scent of the villa is romantic and cosmopolitan. Filled with familiar comforts and high quality. The specificity of Pinus Nigra is the successful combination of old and new.

The villa can accommodate up to 7 people (and 4 additional children) in ideal conditions and promises unforgettable moments to visitors and friends.The philosophy of the villa is the marriage of luxury contemporary approach to architecture with respect to the traditional rhythm of nature. In a villa outside the home for the staff (reception) which helps to complete your service that is both luxurious and discreet. The Pinus Nigra is ideal for the guest - host seeking tranquility and privacy provided by a variety of services.