With views to the blue waters of the Aegean sea, hanging above a crystal clear beach and in the heart of the aristocratic area of Vaporia, with its neoclassical architecture and whimsical ambiance, Villa Selena is the perfect boutique hotel from which to discover the beauty of the island of Syros.

Five rooms and a suite, all with immediate access to the many common spaces of this neoclassical mansion, ensure a relaxed and luxurious stay.

Revamped old furniture, crystal chandeliers, wooden floors, wall paintings, and silk screens designed especially for Villa Selena, all bring the island’s old finesse as well as our contemporary comforts, straight into your room.

The building is one of the oldest in the town of Hermoupolis, classified as a preservable monument and work of art of the early 19th Century neoclassicism of Syros.

It is located in the old aristocratic district of Vaporia (that translates as ‘ferries’ because of the perfect view of ferries arriving and departing the island) and feels almost suspended above the world-famous blue sea of the Cyclades. Villa Selena was an elite private manor of its time, and the recent renovation of 2021 was meticulous in conserving the elegance and vigor of its authentic architectural style.