The hotel Aroma Dryos uniquely combines tradition with luxury and modern conveniences. Located in the center of Metsovo (just 3 minutes from the square), the point where it is located offers visitors wonderful views of the mountains of Pindus.

Made with completely separate way from stone and wood carved by hand, all in the spirit of traditional architecture.

The carved oak entrance to the hotel welcomes you in the living room that was built with special care. The decor exudes a warm and elegant feeling.Here visitors can enjoy our hospitality while admiring the separate crafted ceilings, surrounded by textiles made from artisans and weavers of our region. Dining area, you can enjoy traditional dishes from around the fireplace, embrace the stunning scenery.

Aroma Dryos is the perfect destination for those who want to combine the beauty of nature with luxury and left the warmth offered by spaces, decorated with taste and traditional luxury.