“Stories of Greek Origins” by Artion Greek Foods, is a new premium brand which aims to promote the best of the best of Greek land to the most demanding consumers of the world.

Created by people with long experience in the food market, passion for good food and commitment to excellence, signs an exceptional collection of the most distinctive foods born and grown all over Greece, for the ones who appreciate simple pleasures.

It is a premium range full of aromas, tastes and traditions with a character that uplifts spirits.

Outstanding Exclusive Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the small village of Dafni, Sitia Crete PDO, Original Kalamata Olives and Olive Paste, Award winning Organic Thyme Honey from Kythnos Island, Aromatic Organic Herbs from Pindos Mountains, Sun-dried Zante Currants, Traditional Organic Rusks and Handmade Almond Biscuits with Olive oil from Faistos Crete are the result of a special blend of products excellence by nature and human involvement which promises to let you discover new stories and enjoy ultimate taste experiences.