SEACRETS OF GREECE was established in 2000 in Kalamata, Messinia, by Sasa Polychronopoulou and is engaged in the standardization and packaging of traditional qualityproducts of the Messinian land.Our goal is to promote and spread our “Seacrets”, through quality Greek products, throughthe Greek taste, our sense of Greek life and Mediterranean diet.Messinia, since antiquity, is practically a vast olive grove. The climate, the sunlight andthe sea breeze make it a unique and blessed place. The Messinian land produces its worldfamous Messinian olive oil and the Kalamata olives, which are products of very high qualityand unique dietary value.We principally focus on the use of excellent raw materials and this is why we have exclusivecontracts with the local producers, who are checked regularly, through the quality controlsystem of our company. Raw material is stored in stainless steel tanks, under controlledatmosphere conditions and we apply all necessary measures in the packaging of extra virginolive oil.Strict standard specifications, which ensure high standard hygienic conditions and consumersafety, are applied during packaging of olives, olive paste, honey, aromatic vinegars,traditional sweet preserves, natural sea salt and herbs from Mount Taygetus.We preserve tradition with the production of homemade olive oil soap, like the one ourgrandmothers used to make, and of other local products, such as figs and sesame pasteli,in wonderful combinations. Faithful to tradition, we also carry on traditional handmadepackaging, by combining our enthusiasm with excellent raw materials.