Lakonía is a Prefecture in Greece, located in the southern part of the Peloponnese. Olive oil production in Lakonía began around 1500 BC. Lakonía has hot, dry summers and mild winters that have allowed olive trees to thrive since ancient times.Rich soil is hard to find, and the Lakonía region has some of its best. The mountains are ideal for olive trees to gain rich exposure from the sun, while benefiting from the salty sea breezes of the Mediterranean coast.Lakonía's geographic location and social and economic infrastructure dictate that only a small amount of the 100% natural top-shelf olive oil actually makes it to consumers outside the region. Lakonía produces some the highest quality olive oil in the world, so it is in strong demand in neighboring countries.
Today, Spain and Italy are the world leaders in commercial olive oil production, followed by Greece. But this position is false, taking into account that over 70% of the total Greek production is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. About one third of the total production (Extra Virgin and Virgin) is exported in bulk to other producing countries (like Italy and Spain for example) and blended with lower-quality oils to obtain an acidity level of less than 0.8% and to enhance the flavor.