Naturally Greek: a story of sun | sea | mother earth | taste | aroma | Mediterranean | tradition | eros | island | feeling | hospitality | history | village | homemade | family.
The incentive
Our common background in tourism industry and the close relationship with tourists visiting our country, made us realize that the Greek land and its treasures are greatly valued abroad as well. The appreciation they showed for Greek products, the unquestioned belief in their quality and the enthusiasm for their taste, were always proud moments for us and made us believe in the potentiality of our country even more.
The idea
The aim was to create a product that would speak to everyone’s heart by honoring Greece’s natural wealth and successfully projecting its unique virtues. We wanted Naturally Greek to have a story to tell and a product experience to offer.
The action
Travelling around Greece and selecting, among many places, the best each land has to offer, allowed us to create a collection that will give our customers the opportunity to taste a little bit of Greece no matter where they are.
The most wonderfully unique delights from the Greek nature and tradition have been selected, making sure that the best quality is delivered in a sweet and loving packaging.  
The target
Our products are an excellent gift for friends, relatives, business associates and tourists or a perfect choice even for someone’s own pleasure. Their specially designed gift box is a practical, all-inclusive package, perfect for travel agencies and hotels, the visitors of which definitely wish to take a delicious souvenir of Greece back home.
The vision
Our collection is to be attentively enriched by more products, so that Naturally Greek will build a reputation of excellence in the range of Greek traditional delicacies. In the near future, our aim is to introduce our product range abroad and be accepted as a guarantee of quality and taste among foreigners as well.