Maleas is an organic extra virgin olive oil, a product of protected geographical indication Laconia (PGI Laconia), which is obtained from the selected healthy fruits of the top olive varieties (Koroneiki & Athinoelia), which are extracted on the same day at a temperature less than 27 degrees Celsius and solely by mechanical means.

The olives come only from our homeland Laconia which is the southeasternmost prefecture of the Peloponnese in southern Greece. Laconia has a significant endemic flora and an olive oil tradition that goes back in time. It has the luck to be identified with the history of the perennial "Athinoelia" trees.

Maleas organic EVOO PGI Laconia has an acidity <0.3%, which makes it one of the lowest-acidity organic olive oils available. Maleas is especially rich in vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) and in polyphenols that contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

The participation of the rare local variety 'Athinoelia "makes Maleas unique. Although its cultivation is difficult, the result rewards us. There are only very few olive oils in the world, with participation of a variety with both, such a longterm history and such recognized over time noble characteristics. We achieve top organoleptic and chemical characteristics without chemical use.

Maleas olive oil has a glowing golden-green colour and an aroma of olive leaves, herbs, artichokes and wild grasses, with a rich, refined taste. It is fruity with a perfect balance of bitter and pungent flavours and exceptional lingering aftertaste. Enjoy it raw, by adding after cooking on your favorite steamy soups, on grilled vegetables, salads and seafood dishes.

Maleas region and history are for Maleas producers a part of the product and that is what they imprinted on the packaging.

The inspiration for the name of the product came from the legendary Cape Maleas, which has inspired historians, writers, geographers over time and which constitutes a mythic region. It is not a coincidence that the Lighthouse of this Cape adorns our label. It is a symbol and a benchmark of the lowest depth of our hard & blessed land, which hath been tamed by generations and perpetual will. It is a monument of the triumph of human will in front of the immensity of greatness, but also of the hope and the invoke protection from the fury of the untamed nature.

The choices of packaging materials have been made in order to ensure the deservingly and safe clothing of an precious olive oil and they have certificates for the appropriateness for foods. The transparent glass bottle with 500ml capacity has a pourer for a safe and controllable flow.

The limited production of Maleas not exceeding 50,000 numbered bottles of 500ml each year, is the result of an annual laborious work that aims for our continuing insistence on top quality.

Yorgos Koropoulis founder of Osis (from the ancient word osis = momentum) certified taster Pro Olive Oil Expert has studied Architecture and Interior Design, continues the tradition of his grandfather, who had the oil mill in Nomia of Laconia and always said that "he extract the best olive oil". About Maleas Yorgos says:

I was nurtured in the belief that "our olive oil is the best." It all started from the passion to prove, if true, this claim. It became my vision: to produce the best olive oil from the highest oil producing region in Greece and make it known all over the world.

Along the way while seeking information through education, my passion acquired a scientific documentation too. When I believed that I can produce the best olive oil, I decided to examine and express through Maleas the Laconian terroir.

The last two months we have two major successes: Harrods in London honored us with their preference and Maleas will be on the shelf next to the best products in the world. We treat this position except as a rewarding for our toils, as a challenge and as a responsibility as well. We will respond with consistency and continuity. I believe that this is the key to the success of a product and to its development in the global market. We will also be hosted soon from the wonderful Merkur Hoher Markt in Vienna.

Osis plans include: 1 The endlessly search for quality, which coincides with the company's vision. 2 The route of Maleas through the markets, with the view to its consolidation. 3 The development of a new innovative product of olive oil which will work towards the completion of Osis’ identity and towards the demonstrating of the region and its people.

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