The story of Kliafa Bottling Company dates back to 1926 when founder Theodoros Kliafas initially set up an ice packing and refrigeration unit. A year later, in 1927, he decided to enter the soft drink refreshment market by developing a small bottling plant with a capacity of 120 bottles per hour.From the onset the exceptional quality of the soda pop called “gazoza” [carbonated water] followed by the generally acclaimed refreshing taste of the Kliafa Lemonade and Orangeade made the Kliafa products very popular and widely appreciated by the consuming public. The taste as well as the high standards of production established the products in the minds of the consumers and they very quickly dominated the local market displacing many other brands of carbonated soft drinks. Its innovative founder went a step further in 1933 by importing and introducing to Greece the metallic lid crown.  Then in 1945 the plant was refurbished and new production equipment installed. In 1961, under the direction of Kostas Kliafas, the production plant was again modernised while at the same time the already popular products, sour-cherry juice and sodas were bottled in small glass containers.In 1970 the factory is relocated to a privately owned track of land on the Trikala - Larissa Roadway, where it is refitted with state of the art bottling technology.

During this period, KLIAFA Beverage Company installs new lines of production, develops a biological waste disposal unit and begins to package its products in glass,  containers of 1000cc and pet bottles of 1500cc. In the meantime in 1989 its product quality and production facilities are awarded a much-coveted prize in Dusseldorf, Germany, which is but a natural consequence of its long-standing solid reputation.

This new decade finds the KLIAFA Beverage Company renewed once more, located in expanded facilities covering approximately ten acres of comfortable space with new storage areas.  Under the direction of Thodoris and John Kliafa, the enterprise is keeping a constant watchful eye on new developments in the industry while always maintaining the award-winning high standards and quality of its products and equipment. It has adopted new packaging in the 330cc can, the 500cc pet, the 250cc and 330 cc in non returnable glass bottles and developed a new line of products smile and natural orange juice, nectar peach juice, nectar orange juice, apricot juice and apple juice.