"Eleia" is a new and fresh brand emerging from a centuries-long tradition and aspiring to achieve a harmonious blend of the past with the present. Eleia possesses one of the largest olive groves in Greece with around 43,000 trees in the Lechaina Plains in the South Ilia prefecture. The cultivar they produce is their native Koroneiki cultivar, which gives them a distinctly fruity and aromatic extra virgin olive oil with an indisputably Greek temperament. The product has been dubbed "a rare olive oil with highly fruity and strong aroma, and with a perfectly balanced taste alluding to wild herbs." which led extra virgin olive oil "Eleia" to very demanding markets all around the world.

The very unique packaging offered "Eleia" the Golden Medal at European Design Awards 2012 and at Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards! The concept of the design idea comes from the process of protecting olive trees from bugs by painting them on the bottom part with white protection paint.