Citrus Shops have products based on the fruits of Kambos as well as other kinds of fruits that grow on the soil of Chios.  In a place where the architecture of Kambos and clear lines dominate, the philosophy followed is the one that promotes the products and respects the history of the place. 
In our shops, visitors can find not only the products of Citrus Company, but also a great amount of co-host products with significant companies that follow the philosophy of Citrus and finally souvenirs from the Museum of Citrus and from Kambos in general.
The visitors of Citrus stores realize that today’s only alternative of citrus cultivation in Kambos, is the transformation of the fruits into products. Timeless flavours such as fruits in syrup, marmalades, delights, marzipans and more that with the proper packaging and a special presentation can be an integral part of a high quality food habit.