In 1998 Katerina Ioannidis founded KATERINA IOANNIDIS & Co. alongside her husband Nicholas Navrozidis, quickly making a name for themselves with their characteristics handcrafted jewelry.

Today they run successfuly two jewelry boutiques in Thessaloniki and Athens and supply wholesale to discerning contemporary galleries, leading concept stores and national museums. In 2006 during the international project “Lacoste Project 12.12.” Katerina designed a golden brooch for Lacoste called “golden croc“.

KATERINA IOANNIDIS & CO. has quickly become one of the most recognized Hellenic jewelry firm.

''We design and produce handmade gold and silver contemporary jewelry. Our work can be identified as 'studio craft' demonstrating a conscious subversion of the materials and techniques used in traditional goldsmith. We use gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones combined with everyday objects such as nylon fibres, feathers and silk threads.

Every item is the result of research and contemporary designing bearing references to ethnography inspired by Greek folk art as well as other nation's heritage. Handcrafted objects painstakingly executed in limited edition. These are elements that render our designs unique, timeless and precious.''